Regitze Siggaard


16:30 - 19:00


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CBS – Solbjerg Plads, lokale SPs13 VELUX Aud.
Solbjerg Plads 3, Frederiksberg, 2000

Director and co-owner of Simplex Human ApS.

Regitze Siggaard is a world champion in rowing which is part of the story why she is aware of, and expert in team dynamics, well-being, personal development, and high-performance team dynamics. Regitze has previously experienced the importance of successful co-work, dealing with pressure and stress, and building great mental capacity. Both as a world champion in rowing, and later on, responsible for developing and implementing health, and well-being strategy for 6,500 Ørsted employees and employers worldwide. The strategy was to build and integrate a culture of health and well-being as part of daily work life. She made remarkable results and she was awarded “Presidents Award” for her contribution to health and well-being.

Thus Regitze has proven experience in transforming knowledge of well-being and psychological safety into concrete new behaviours, and the premises were created for a healthy and good working life in any type of companies, and during this process she later examined the current issue for many other companies.

Regitze will present to you various examples and solutions in terms of how employees will prefer to work for your company, instead of changing career or becoming an independent consultant. It is relevant question given the fact that 4 out of 10 consider changing career within a year. Regitze has conducted a survey questioning 101 Danish employees who recently quitted their job, and not even having a new job available. She asked why they left their position, and what the company could have offered, to make them stay.

The problem is not only relevant because of statistics, proving the facts on employees quitting in high numbers. It is also highly relevant in terms of bottom line costs of approximately 500,000 DKK all inclusive to replace an employee (not to mention loss of know-how).

Regitze will take us to following answers:

1. Why do Danish employees quit their job without safety of a new job?
2. How can companies focus on retaining employees?
3. How does it affect people to quit their job without any job safety?


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