Executive Board

The Executive Board wants to create an attractive environment for our networking events that allows our members to expand their network with relevant people and to get new knowledge about relevant topics.

Our 2023 membership satisfaction survey shows that 98% of our active members recommend us.

The Executive Board

Anette Thaulow

Kasper Roldsgaard

Lars Schunk

Therese Waltersdorff

Jakob Jørgensen

Mette Harder

Niels Stub

Nira Glad

Torben Andersen

Michael Sandfort

About the CBS International Business Club

Founded in 1975 by a group of visionary business people with a business economics degree from Copenhagen Business School to create a business-oriented community that keeps updated on relevant topics within international business management. Today, the business club at CBS has almost 50 years of experience in organizing exclusive networking events.