Dennis Nørmark


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Pseudowork and the role of managerialism

In 2018 Dennis Nørmark coined the phrase Pseudowork to cover the expanding amount of busywork, bureaucratic procedures and information sharing, which take up our time and create “corporate constipation” in our organizations. Good intentions that become destructive when implemented. Since then, Nørmark has researched the subject further and in his talk he will share some of the new insights on the topic especially with reference to how the modern management principles we have taught business students for almost 100 years might actually be part of the problem.

Dennis Normark is a well-known and highly sought-after Nordic based anthropologist, author and speaker. He works with international organizations such as Novo Nordisk, Leo Pharma, Deloitte, Coloplast, Oticon, Roche, Maersk, Novozymes etc. He is the author to 4 books focusing on Culture and Culturel differences. Furthermore Dennis Normark has established himself as an important consultant and speaker in the business world. He is known for his appearances on numerous TV and radio shows. Today he is partnering with Voluntās in a position as Senior Advisor and Head of Learning.

You can learn more about Dennis and his work on his website,, or check out his latest book (in Danish), Tilbage til arbejdet – sådan bekæmper vi pseudoarbejde i organisationer.

Event language: English.

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