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Based on you as a member we develop, market and organize business and social events. We build personal, job and business value with open and transparent networks.

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Advantages and goals

We are a pro bone, non profit, company, grown out of the academic society at CBS, Copenhagen Business School.

The company was established in 1975 as UHK, Udenrigs Handels Klubben. Later the name was changed to CIBA, Copenhagen International Business Alumni. Since foundation in 1975 all speakers and boards have worked pro bono.

Spring 2018 a new board decided to relaunch the company under the new name IBC CBS. International Business Club, Copenhagen Business School. The goals are the following:

  1. We want to be the best pro bono company in Denmark for all International Business interested persons
  2. Attract more student members from CBS’s International Business HD, HA, Cand. Merc.

  3. Clearly to communicate to student members why IBC CBS are an interesting network to become part of. Facebook, Linked In, SEO.

  4. Attract many more of our fellow student comrades from all the years back and up to date.

  5. To offer all the members a number of advantages with membership, business and social activities and interesting events which crystal clear show the value of membership for each and individual member.

  6. To develop and offer a mutual beneficial mentor system enabling students and members to cooperate and bond between generations.

  7. To develop a system where student members can get assistance and free advice from members in job hunting.

  8. Meet and greet at all events between generations.

  9. Activate all members to come up with suggestions for future events, activities and board work.

International Business Club CBS

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