Advantages - International Business Club CBS


We offer members and student members the most attractive company and network to be associated with. Sponsors get the best sponsor package available.

We aim at giving you more than you pay for. For students its easy, its free, for members paying 500 kr. per year it is still a bargain, looking at the events and the network you become an important member of. The product package, combined with the events, shows it all:

Therefore the choice is easy, sign up for membership today:

2018 prices:

Sponsor Member Student
Free admission at events
Propose event
Free Galla Dinner, annual meeting 1*
Admission at events with entre fee
Bring an extra participant
Participate in mentor programme
Hand out of goodies at events
Exposure at home page
Exposure at event invitations
Exposure at mails
5 additional guests at events
Price for the calendar year 2018 2* 500 kr. Free
1* When signed up member
2* Discussed individually, kindly mail or call
International Business Club CBS

Dalgas Have 15
2000 Frederiksberg